It Starts With Us.

MCTS History

The history of Mobile County Training School began as far back as 1880. It was the oldest county training school in Alabama. For many years it was a high school composed of grades 7-12. Renovations and additions were made in 1967 and the 6th grade was accommodated.

The 1970-71 school term resulted in a change in the grade structure of the school. This reorganization transformed the school from a high school to a middle school.

During the 2004-05 school year, MCTS became one of three middle schools in Mobile County to be chosen for the school Transformation initiative to improve student achievement.

Mobile County Training School Mission Statement

The mission of Mobile County Training School is to provide quality educational services to each student by setting high expectations within a safe and nurturing environment.


Our students visited the SAWDC Worlds of Opportunity Expo at the Mobile Civic Center for hands-on, interactive career exploration,...


Notebook paper- 4 packs Pencils (2 are required each day for math) Hand held pencil sharpener with cover Pens (black or...

Shirts-male/female Shirts must be long enough to be tucked inside the pants at all times. No logos or labels allowed. (MCTS...