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MCTS 2017-18 Uniform Policy
Posted On:
Thursday, June 01, 2017

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Mobile County Training School



Uniform Policy




·         Shirts must be solid color polo style shirt (long or short sleeves).

·         Undershirts must be solid white.

·         Shirts must be neatly tucked in at all times

·         School Shirts must be worn daily.

·         PE shirts MAY NOT be worn as uniform shirts.



White (6th Grade)                              Light Blue (7th Grade)          Royal Blue (8th Grade)


Bottoms (Pants only)

·         Khaki uniform pants only (boys and girls) with black or brown belts only.

·         Pants must be worn at natural waistline.


·         NO folded or banded pants legs

·         NO shorts

·         NO cargo pants

·         N0 Skirts

·         NO jeans or corduroys

·         NO leggings

·         NO jeggings





·            Headwear is only allowed for Religious reasons.

·            No hats or hoods are allowed in the building.

·            No Bandanas, Bonnets, or Hairwraps are allowed.




·         Solid black or white crew socks.




·         Lace up athletic shoes ONLY.

·         No Boots, Slides, Flip Flops, or slippers are not allowed.




·         Jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts MAY BE WORN WITHOUT HOODS.

·         No outerwear with RIP or inappropriate language or pictures.


This type of outerwear is not allowed and will have to be removed if worn by students.









·         PE uniforms cost $20.00

·         Sizes: S-3XL.

·         Students are required to wear MCTS PE uniforms during their PE Class.

·         PE uniforms are not to be worn as a school uniform.





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